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RACCOON's Challenge

Create and provide new infrastructure for business-to-business transactions

Founder of the company experienced the troubles confronted by distributors himself in cultivating sales channels, and the thought of "Is there a mechanism to efficiently search for retail shops handling products from across the country, smoothly distribute, and securely settle accounts", is the starting point of our business model.
"SUPER DELIVERY" which consistently carries out from the development of retailers' sales channels to settlement. "T&G accounts receivable guarantee" derived from SUPER DELIVERY and guarantee accounts receivable for business-to-business transactions. We also made the settlement function independent, "Paid" which collects from claim to the collection of the bill at once. "COREC" is a cloud service specialize in sending and receiving orders, it's a system that can manage transactions between companies on the web.

We have developed services that can be used for each need against problems in business-to-business transactions. We always want to be a creator of new infrastructure for business-to-business transactions. Based on the philosophy of "making business activities more efficient and convenient", we will continue to challenge new business.

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