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Rent Guarantee Service for Businesses

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Service to avoid the risk of nonpayment of rent in an office or store property.

Rent Guarantee Insurance For Commercial Property is a service that we pay on behalf of the tenant's rent in the case of nonpayment of rent in office/store properties. It not only can let a lessee rent the properties smoothly but also can create an environment that sets a lessor and property management company's mind at ease to rent out the property. According to the amendments of the Civil Code introduced in 2020, it is predicted that a high deposit results in the joint guarantor to reject guarantee, and the complexity of the providing the information obligated to a lessor causes a lessee to avoid setting up a joint guarantor. Under these circumstances, the demand for rent guaratee service without a joint guarantor will be expand in the future. Our rent guarantee service can provide a 24 months long-term guarantee service and cover the expense for recovering to the original condition, removing leftovers and applying for the enforcement of the lawsuit.

In addition, “T&G Credit Guarantee” not only realizes high audit pass rate in the easy and speedy way but also provides more efficient and convenient service with the professional knowledge and accumulated experience.