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In 1993, when I founded a company as an importer, I was thinking about how the circulation of the products in Japan should be. Later, I realized that using IT can solve many problems, so in 1998 I created some simple websites as concrete examples. Those sites were presented by the mass media, making my assumptions known by the society. In the same time, many young people who were attracted by the possibilities of e-commerce gathered here.

On one hand, producers have management resources such as factories and technologies. On the other hand, retailers have management resources such as shops and customers. However, we, intermediate distributors, have only our staff and knowledge. Consequently, we continued to research and pour our best to educate the juniors. It passed ten years. Now, in this company there are dozens of specialists of e-commerce that I recognize their ability, constituted by a core made by around ten people who are working since the founding, They are the most important resource of this company.

The young leaders, full of curiosity, who are attracted by the infinite possibilities of e-commerce and inter-company settlement, are proposing energetically new businesses. For the future of the group, I am adjusting the system to accept and practice their ideas in order to create the way of thinking of entrepreneurs.

Isao Ogata
President & Representative Director