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Organization Chart / Sector Presentation

  • Shareholders Meeting
  • Board of Directors
    Audit and Supervisory Committee
  • President
    • President’s office
    • Management Meeting
    • IT Strategy Division
    • Design Strategy Division
    • Human Resources & General Affairs Division
    • Business Administration Headquarters
      • Corporate Planning Division
      • Finance and Accounting Division
Group Company

President’s office & Human Resources and General Affairs Division

Manager of the President’s Office & Human Resources and General Affairs DivisionAkihiko Hamada

We assist in various functions of the Raccoon Group, such as PR activities, internal organization, the strengthening of the company’s internal knowledge management, human resources, and general affairs.

In addition to PR activities to promote the attractiveness of the Raccoon Group, we build a comfortable work environment, including the establishment of internal systems and labor and health management. And through our recruitment and employee training, we will work to improve organizational capabilities with the aim of developing individual talents and playing a leading role in our business.

Business Administration Headquarters & Finance and Accounting Division

Executive Vice President of Finance Director & Manager of Administration DivisionSatoshi Konno

We are in charge of corporate planning, finance & accounting, investor relations, and legal operations.

The Management Planning Department and Finance Accounting Department are divided. The Corporate Planning Division supervises these two departments. The Corporate Planning Division manages the IR business such as spread of information for investors and it is in charge of legal operations to ensure the securing of soundness in management. The Finance and Accounting Department is involved in creation of settlement-related documents and procurement of funds.

Corporate Planning Division

Manager of Corporate Planning DivisionTomoki Abe

We manage existing businesses within the group and we are in charge of creating a new business such as M & A, etc.

We allocate appropriately the resources within our group to multiple businesses and support the growth and expansion of each business while generating synergies. In addition, aiming to further growth of the entire group, we also consider and implement new businesses and M & A.

IT Strategy Division

Manager of Technology Strategy DivisionSaito Kohei

Responsible for the system development and operation of the services provided by the raccoon group.

The Technical Strategy Department develops and operates all services provided by the raccoon group. As a professional in the field of IT, we will work together with each operating company to provide customers with a convenient, efficient and safe system in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Design Strategy Division

Manager of Design Strategy DivisionSato Kyouhei

Responsible for the overall design of raccoon group services.

The Design Strategy Division focuses on WEB design, producing all user-related designs, from front-end coding to UI/UX improvement and design of printed materials and promotional materials.We will pursue popularity and convenience so that we can develop our business with the power of design and impress our customers.