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Organization Chart
Organization Chart
Sector Presentation
President’s office
On behalf of Raccoon, and of each service, we assist in various functions, such as PR activities, internal organization, and the strengthening of the company’s internal knowledge management.
We carry out productive PR activities to promote awareness of Raccoon, and of the benefits of the services we have developed, to a greater number of people.
In addition, we take full advantage of internal and external resources and make every effort to provide a service that goes beyond our customers’ expectations and meets Raccoon’s various needs.

Manager of the President’s OfficeYuki Tokunaga

Yuki Tokunaga

SD Division
We are planning, developing and improving the services in order to give more and more satisfaction to our clients.
Basing on the information we receive from our clients, we make efforts in pursuing and offering a service that is easier to use, to understand and that guarantees satisfaction.

Manager of SD Headquarters and SD DivisionTakeshi Wakui

Takeshi Wakui

Osaka Branch
We are in charge of explaining the system of SUPER DELIVERY for who are considering to use it and of supporting and consulting the displaying companies.
Dear West-Japan companies, the use of internet in trading is becoming impossible to avoid. So let's talk together about what, how and when begin to use! Let's vitalize Japan from West Japan!

Osaka Branch ManagerKenichiro Hajime

Kenichiro Hajime

COREC Division
A new service born in March 2014. We are operating the cloud system of sending and receiving orders named "COREC".
The systematization of the orders between companies is one of the field not enough developed. We started this service because we wanted to create a system that is easy to use for all people taking part in transactions. It is just get started, but it will continue to making progresses in order to become a system that can be used by all companies, no matter the size and the type of business.

Director & Manager of COREC DivisionTomoki Abe

Tomoki Abe

Paid Division
Started in October 2011, we are managing "Paid", a service about the settlement of accounts in transaction between companies.
Traditionally, the "trust" in the transactions between companies didn’t have a visible "form", and companies conducted transactions saddled with anxiety and stress. “Paid” aims to build a market without any stress of settlement by visualizing the “trust” to make it accumulable.
We make an all-out effort in order to create a new standard of the method of the settlement of accounts and to contribute to revitalize the distribution. Keep watching the new challenges of Raccoon!

Executive Vice President of Business Development, Director & Manager of Paid DivisionToshiyuki Ishii

Toshiyuki Ishii

IT Strategy Division
We are developing and administrating the systems of SUPER DELIVERY and Paid.
We are developing the systems of Raccoon Group in-house.
We are offering to our customers new satisfactory services through the "development of new and high-valued systems".

Manager of IT Strategy DivisionTomohiro Tamura

Tomohiro Tamura

Design Strategy Division
We produce impactful web and print media for the Raccoon group, and ensure quality control.
All of our services are used daily as business tools by a great number of people, and thus we emphasize user-friendliness and understandability in our services.
We strategically take advantage of our expertise in specialist skills such as design, markup, analysis, etc., and use these skills to develop our unique image.

Manager of Design Strategy DivisionYuka Nakabayashi

Yuka Nakabayashi

Human Resources & General Affairs Division
We carry out human resources and general affairs.
We are conducting an operation that includes employment, education, labor and general affairs so that each and every employee can work more easily and demonstrate higher strength in the workplace.

Director & Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs DivisionSadaaki Uematsu

Sadaaki Uematsu

Administration Division
We carry out investor relations, finance & accounting and legal operations.
We are in charge of running back-office (finance, accounting and legal) operations, and conducting investor relations.

Executive Vice President of Finance, Director & Manager of Administration DivisionSatoshi Konno

Satoshi Konno