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Privacy Statement

Revised on(2018/11/1)

“RACCOON HOLDINGS, Inc.” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) realizes the proper protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) of users (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Users”) of the website operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is an important social responsibility of the Company, thus it hereby establishes and shall comply with this Policy.

1. Personal Information: Definition

The Company shall consider any information pertaining to a specific individual that are personally identifiable, including any description, symbol, image, and sound.

2. Personal Information: Collection and Use

The Company shall be the sole owner of all information, including but not limited to those Personal Information collected through its Website. Any information collected through the Website shall be under the sole possession of the Company. Further, we record the phone calls for emergency purposes (in the event where cooperation in police investigation is requested or where confirmation is requested by Service Users), or to improve the quality of services provided by our call center representatives, or to help the Company verify the service details. The Company will never sell, share, or provide any Personal Information, without obtaining prior consent from the applicable individuals, to any third parties except for the reasons stated in this Privacy Statement. Provided, however, such Personal Information shall be disclosed where disclosure of such information is required lawfully required by the government, local authorities, or the court of law, or where such information is required for the shipment of purchased items or the payment settlement by outsourced agents, or where such consent is not required based on certain laws and regulations. The Company shall use the Personal Information collected from Service Users for the following purposes:

  • To provide information regarding the Company or information relating to the service provided by the Company, including distribution of e-zines, and information materials;
  • To provide services from the Website and its related services;
  • To solve problems which may arise from business activities that primarily take place in the Website;
  • The Company’s finance and accounting activities; and
  • To develop the Company’s new businesses.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company shall clarify the purpose of use of Personal Information, and it shall only handle them within the scope necessary to attain such purpose of use. The Company shall notify any additional purpose(s) or the changes made with the purpose(s) of use to its Service Users via email or announcement on the Website in the event where the purposes of collecting Personal Information, which were initially limited to the provision of the Company’s Services or information, to be significantly changed. The Company may entrust part of its operations on the Website to third parties. Also, the Company may enter into a service contract with third party service providers for special services. In such cases, the Company may share the information required by such entrusting third party service providers (Service Users’ name, other contact information and billing information including credit card number). The Company shall manage and supervise each entrusting third party service provider by respectively entering into a non-disclosure agreement with them in order to ensure that Personal Information entrusted to them shall not be used for the purposes beyond the scope of their entrusted business.

4. Sharing of Personal Information

The Company may share the Personal Information which it collected with its group company as follows (a - e):

  1. Items of Personal Information to be shared with its group company:

    Although all items of Personal Information may be shared with the Company’s group company, such group company shall only use such Personal Information to the minimal extent only necessary for performing its business activities.

  2. Group company to share such Personal Information with:

    Personal Information will be shared within the group companies which are written on the website of our company(https://www.raccoon.ne.jp/company/group/en/).

  3. The purpose of sharing the Personal Information:

    The purpose of sharing the Personal Information with the group company is the same as the purpose of use as provided in “2. Personal Information: Collection and Use. ”

  4. Administrator of Personal Information to be shared with the group company:

    The administrator of Personal Information shall be the Company.

  5. Collection of Personal Information

    Personal Information to be shared with the group company shall be the information that the Company had collected through the Internet, postcards, and fax.

5. Cookies, Access log, and Web beacons

The Website uses Cookies for the purposes of login session management for all Service Users.

Cookies are small data files that are used to transmit data to Service Users’ computers from web server when they accessed the Website. Service Users can opt out from receiving Cookies by changing their web browser settings, however, by doing so, such Service Users may not be able to access some of the services provided by the Website as the Company’s web services are operated based on Cookie-enabled environment. The Website may employ Cookies or a technology called Web beacons (also referred to as clear GIFs) in order to measure and report the effectiveness of the advertisements placed by Internet advertising agencies under contract with the Company. The Company uses an online advertising service provided by Google, Inc. The Company is utilizing its online advertisement with the use of remarketing and similar audiences features. By using these features, the Company’s ads are posted on various websites on the Internet, via third party distributors, including Google, Inc. In addition, third party distributors, including Google, are distributing ads based on the access logs to websites with the use of Cookies. You have the option of opting out these Cookies on your own. If you choose to opt-out from receiving cookies, please do so from the Consumer Opt Out page provided on Network Advertising Initiative (http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices/). The Company collects information from access log for the purpose of collating the usage of the Website. Although the access log includes an ID for each Service User, such ID will never be included when aggregated usage data is disclosed to the third parties.

6. Links to Other Websites

The Website contains links to other websites. Although the Website contains links to other websites, it does not share any personal information with those websites. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any collection or use of Personal Information take place at the externally linked websites. Therefore, it is the Service User’s responsibility to read and understand the privacy statement provided by each of such externally linked website.

7. e-zines

We provide a web form for the Service Users to select between opt in and opt out from receiving our e-zines delivered to the email address provided at the time of membership registration.

8. Questionnaires

The Company may, from time to time, request information from its Users with the use of Questionnaires. Participation to questionnaire survey is optional, thus Service Users may decide whether or not to disclose such information. Information required may include Personal Information (name, address, postal code, and age, etc.). Contact information, among this information, shall be used for the notification of questionnaire results. The information collected through questionnaires shall be only used for the purposes of monitoring and improving the satisfaction among those Users.

9. Management of Security and Personal Information

The Company shall take all possible measures to protect Privacy Information for all of its Service Users. SSL, the industry-standard encryption, is used for all data transmitted when the Service Users submit important information through the Website. The Company ensures that privacy is protected throughout its business operation by regularly providing information security and privacy protection trainings to all of its staff members.

10. Request for your Own Personal Information

The Company shall properly and promptly respond to any request submitted by Service Users for disclosure of their own Personal Information, after identification of the Service User requesting such disclosure is verified. Should the Service User find any errors with the Personal Information maintained by the Company after the disclosure of such information, the Company shall, in principle, comply with the request correction or deletion of such errors. The Company shall comply with the request for the suspension of use of Personal Information when such information is (1) used for the purposes other than those provided in the Privacy Statement; (2) illegally collected; or (3) provided to third parties without the consent by the Service Users.

11. Request for your Own Personal Information and Customer Complaint Help Desk and Inquiries

The Company has established a help desk and scheme necessary to handle inquiries on this Privacy Statement and handling of Personal Information. Please contact the Company at the following:

RACCOON HOLDINGS, Inc. (Business Administration Headquarters)

Contact Us

12. Revision of the Privacy Statement

The revision date which is located on top of this page shall be updated, should the Company revise the content of the Privacy Statement. Should any significant changes be made to the content of the Privacy Statement, it will be announced on the Website.