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Wholesale purchasing site for manufacturers and businesses such as retailers/service businesses.

"SUPER DELIVERY" is a wholesale purchasing site for manufacturers of apparel and general good, and businesses such as retail stores, restaurants or hair salons.
Usually, businesses purchase products and equipments for their stores directly from manufacturers/wholesalers. However, for manufacturers, a transaction with small operators may cause troubles such as complex credit decisions and unpaid debts risk. Plus, businesses are having trouble to find supplier since they often do not have contacts with manufacturers or wholesalers. SUPER DELIVERY can help to solve all these problems.

Manufacturers and businesses can trade more smoothly.

SUPER DELIVERY is a service in which manifacturers publish their prodcts and buisinesses purchase them.
In addition, it collects all the payments from stores and pays to manufacturers all together, so manifacturers realize transactions without troubles with credit managements or risks of uncollected payments. Using our site, manufacturers can find new trade opportunities with businesses they did not have contacts before.
Our wide range of lineup such as products for sales, store equipments, and store fixtures can satisfy variety of needs from businesses.

"SD export" make exports possible.

SUPER DELIVERY is developing "SD export" where you can sell products not only in Japan but also in foreign countries. In normal export sales, exporters need to handle multiple procedures such as selling and purchasing contracts with suppliers, submitting documents to customs and sending invoices of trading products to importers. Those procedures require a lot of time and effort. Plus, exporters need also to issue L/C settlements depending on credit conditions. "SD export" solves all these problems and realizes smooth transactions.

It realizes new opportunities for worldwide sales without export procedures.

SD export covers from complicated export procedures to payment collections.
Manufacturers can make transactions with stores in 134 countries around the world easily and safely, by simply shipping products to SUPER DELIVERY warehouse within Japan.

In addition, as interest and efforts in overseas markets have increased recently, Japanese vendors' demand for overseas sale has also diversified. Therefore, in May 2019, a new business was created that matches with overseas business. It can be used to develop new sales channels and attract more customers.