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Applicable SDGs3:Good health and well-being4:Quality education5:Gender equality8:Decent work and economic growth10:Reduced inequalities

Provision of an environment in which diverse individuals can fully demonstrate their capabilities


Creating a diverse organization with respect for individuals

Promotion of diversity
The RACCOON Group considers an organization which “focuses on individual personality and utilizes the diverse personalities of each other” can adopt to change, and is important for sustained growth. Regardless of sex, age, national origin, race, color, language, skill, background such as education background, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability, employees who have diverse backgrounds work together while respecting differences and opinions of each other. With the support system “Hataraku-n” for working fathers/mothers to work while raising children, implementation of “Cross-border remote work,” work environment arrangement and support systems in divisions for employees with disabilities to work in desired positions, etc., we promote to increase employees’ activities in an ideal working environment.

Diversity of the RACCOON Group

Gender ratio of employees
Recruitment ratio of new graduates to mid-career hires
Turnover ratio
Foreign national employee ratio
Ratio of female employees taking maternity/childcare leave
Ratio of female employees returning to work after taking childcare leave
Gender ratio of managers
Gender ratio of board members
FY 4/2023 (ending April 2023)