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Contributing to a sustainable society bycreating new value


When I founded a company as an importer in 1993 and jumped into the world of distribution, I saw the reality of the large amount of excess inventory that was being generated every day.
If there were systems in place to distribute nationwide the products we want, when we want them, in the quantities we want, there would be no need for big sales of excess inventory.
The idea of using the power of IT to solve such an issue was the starting point of our business.

The RACCOON Group has set forth its corporate philosophy of “making corporate activities more efficient and convenient,” which has led to the creation of unprecedented new services.
We started with EC business, and we now also offer financial business, and place emphasis on whether there is a strong need for the services and whether the services themselves have a high social contribution and are rewarding.
In addition, we always remember that a company can only grow to the extent that its customers are satisfied.
The customers’ delight increases the value of the company.

In order to create services that delight customers, it is important to bring together people with various capabilities, values, and personalities, and to view different personalities as “necessary differences” and trust them to demonstrate teamwork.
In addition, since there are no textbooks for unprecedented services, creativity is required, which is why the RACCOON Group’s education system particularly focuses on developing creativity.

We will continue to build credibility with stakeholders while strengthening our management base and contributing to the development and growth of the entire Group and a sustainable society.

Isao Ogata President & Representative Director



Contribution to global environment and recycling-oriented society


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