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Applicable SDGs9:Industry, innovation and infrastructure16:Peace, justice and strong institutions

Secure, safe, and equitable organizational management

Information security

For the secure and safe operation of our services, the RACCOON Group is committed to the establishment and operation of an information security management system that places the highest priority on the appropriate protection of personal information and other information assets entrusted to us by our customers. In addition to complying with laws and regulations regarding personal information, we have established an information security policy and are promoting its company-wide dissemination.

Information security management system

The risk management committee is currently in charge of information security risks, and is responsible for planning and implementing risk countermeasures, giving instructions on the occurrence of incidents, responding to the aftermath, and reporting to the Board of Directors as appropriate. The Board of Directors also oversees and approves information security as part of company-wide risk management. We will continue to build a more comprehensive information security system in the future.

Security level improvement

Security Understanding Checks
Once a year, we conduct a security understanding check to increase our employees’ awareness of security. A risk management committee made up of expert employees prepares questions on information security and regularly tests all employees.

Appropriate information management

Paid, the B2B deferred payment service of RACCOON FINANCIAL, another subsidiary, has obtained ISO/IEC27001 certification, the recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS), and carries out efforts to reduce risk and protect its information assets from various threats. By conforming to this strict security standard, we responsibly manage the important information our customers entrust to us.