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Applicable SDGs8:Decent work and economic growth10:Reduced inequalities11:Sustainable cities and communities16:Peace, justice and strong institutions

Solving Social Issues Through Business

Provision of Borderless (Trade) Opportunities/Regional Revitalization

Provision of trade opportunities to a wide range of customers

Offering marketplace beyond distance, time, and industry
The EC business of the RACCOON Group offers a fair & equitable trading environment by rectifying the imbalance caused by the size of a company and the type of industry/category of business, eliminating trade physical limitations to enable world-wide trade, and improving the efficiency of business practices where all companies from large companies to sole proprietors can trade on an equal footing.
As current movements, cases where businesspeople who are not retailers sell products such as clothes at a hair salon and health-enhancing products at a pharmacy are increasing. However, it is not easy to know suppliers who are in different industries. The Group also offers cross-industry purchase opportunities for businesspeople who enter a new business field.
Fair & equitable trade relation with “credence” as security by creative credit model
In the financial business, we have developed an in-house credit model by utilizing AI, and inspect the credibility for a variety of businesspeople from large companies to small businesses/sole proprietors for more than 100,000 cases annually. In common company credibility inspection, in most cases, small businesses and sole proprietors do not prepare the required information for the inspection, and their conditions tend to be unfavorable. For all companies which have difficulty in trading with the conventional inspection process, the Group derives the most appropriate credit line by utilizing unique data, and secures “credence.” Furthermore, we contribute to expand trading such as increasing credit lines by co-creating “credence” with companies.
Support for starting ideal shops in the countryside
Businesspeople who use the RACCOON Group’s services can realize a rich selection of products steadily from countryside. Furthermore, in cases of new openings, purchasing products in volume is commonly required at the beginning. However, we support new business by giving a special credit line so that businesspeople can trade even without revenue due to preparation.

Cooperation and collaboration with various community entities

Supporting sustained development of regional economy with partners
The RACCOON Group is actively involved in the business cooperation, and forms cooperative ties with local authorities, chambers of commerce, and regional banks to target the sustained development of regional economy.
In rent guarantee service of rental properties, we contribute to secure accommodation by forming cooperative ties with local authorities, and guaranteeing prospective tenants of public housing.
Also, we work to realize a society where everyone can live without fear through actively guaranteeing rent for those who are societally vulnerable such as welfare recipients, foreign trainees/technical interns, and single mothers.
Possibility of Made in Japan from local regions to world
In the EC business, approximately 70% of members who use this service are businesspeople who locate their company address other than Tokyo/Osaka. For wholesale makers, the targets of market cultivation are throughout Japan, furthermore, 134 countries around the world. Overseas sales performance of products by small and medium-sized manufacturers is increasing, for example, such as Hasami ware which is local product of Nagasaki, and ladies' shoes made in a small factory in Ikuno, Osaka city. Through offering the opportunities to show new value of Made in Japan to the world, we support the vitalization of local industries and the succession of traditional techniques.


Volunteer Support Program
This program supports the social contribution activities of the RACCOON Group’s members, like volunteering. If members have activities they would like to undertake, they can receive support if they share the details inside the company and recruit others to join. This support includes assistance with transportation and accommodation costs as well as up to five paid vacation days a year for volunteering on weekdays.
In this way, we support employee contributions to their communities and society by giving those with no volunteer experience the chance to try it and making it easy for those already active to take it further.

Joining industry associations

Entry into the Fintech Association of Japan
“Paid,” which is a B2B payment service operated by RACCOON FINANCIAL, Inc. has joined Fintech Association of Japan in December 2015. “Paid” is a payment service on your behalf in all operations, such as credit management due to credit sales in trading between enterprises, billing, and the collection of bills. We wholeheartedly support the association’s mission of “accelerating the development of disruptive innovation for users” and joined so that Paid could be part of this catalyzation of the fintech market.
Joined Country-wide Guarantee Organization
Country-wide Guarantee Organization is the industry group which investigates, researches, and suggests regarding guarantee systems with the objective of “Healthy development and generalization of guarantee systems.” Nakayama, President & Representative Director of RACCOON RENT, Inc., which operates a rental debt guarantee business assumes the position of board member of the said organization, and the Chairman of the “Database Division,” Akiyama, President & Representative Director of RACCOON FINANCIAL, Inc., which operates two financial businesses, “payment” and “guarantee,” assumes the position of Chairman of the “Receivable/Receivable Guarantee Divisions” respectively, and contributes to development of the industry.

Recognition of RACCOON Group

  • Regional Revitalization Minister’s Prize at the 1st Nihon Service AwardsSUPER DELIVERY

    Our wholesale/purchasing website SUPER DELIVERY and its cross-border e-commerce website SD export operated by RACCOON COMMERCE, another subsidiary, won the Regional Revitalization Minister’s Prize in June 2016 at the 1st Nihon Service Awards, Japan’s first award program rewarding excellent service. The Regional Revitalization Minister’s Prize recognizes services making a significant contribution in terms of regional stimulation.

  • Ruby biz Grand PrixURIHO

    URIHO, the fully online account receivables guarantee service of RACCOON HOLDINGS’ subsidiary RACCOON FINANCIAL, won the Fintech Prize at the Ruby biz Grand Prix 2017. When developing URIHO, our programmers took on the challenge of beginning to use the programming language Ruby as a new technology. Going forward, we will continue to help popularize Ruby as we research technology such as using machine learning to automate URIHO’s screening process.