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Secure, safe, and equitable organizational management

Risk Management


At the RACCOON Group, RACCOON HOLDINGS’ board of directors performs comprehensive risk management for the entire Group.
We have established a framework for risk management according to risk characteristics. For service operational risks, the president of the subsidiary operating that business is placed in charge to report and offer proposals to the board of directors. A risk management committee has been installed for the entire Group’s information security risks and a compliance secretariat for compliance risks to report and offer proposals to the board of directors.
We are striving to facilitate grasping of impact on the entire Group and also swift decision-making for action policies by having a framework in place for prompt information exchange, while pursuing even swifter decision-making for risk action policies and material issues in addressing risks on a case-by-case basis, with meetings of RACCOON HOLDINGS’ board of directors also attended by the representative directors of subsidiaries.