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Applicable SDGs17:Partnerships for the goals

Solving Social Issues Through Business

Strengthening Relationships with Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement

To solve social issues through the business, we appropriately communicate to stakeholders, work to build credibility while having a dialogue, and continuously improve business/organizational management. We also recognize the demands of society, and contribute to sustainable society development.

Stakeholders Our engagement Means of communication
Customers We communicate with our customers in a variety of ways to ensure that they can use our services with peace of mind. In addition to setting up various points of contact for inquiries and support, we regularly provide opportunities to receive feedback from our customers, which we use to improve our services. Daily support by person in charge
Setting up a point of contact for service inquiries
Help and FAQs for quick solutions to questions
Provision of information on service website and member pages
Information dissemination via emails, blogs, social networking services, etc.
Creating points of contact such as seminars and social gatherings
Shareholders/Investors We make every effort to disclose information appropriately to meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors. We also place importance on dialogue with them and utilize their opinions in our management. Annual Shareholders Meeting
Financial results briefing
Individual interviews
Setting up a point of contact for IR inquiries
Information dissemination through financial results announcements and timely disclosures
Information dissemination on the corporate website
Business partners/Partners We strive to conduct fair and equitable trading and build a good cooperative system that allows us to grow together. We are working to maintain a safe and secure trading environment supply chain-wide. Daily communication through trading
Building a cooperative system
Security risk management for contractors
Provision of know-how through seminars, etc.
Employees We implement organizational development, education, and other measures to enable diverse individuals to fully demonstrate their capabilities. We also place emphasis on ensuring occupational health and safety so that all employees can work with peace of mind. Operation of various programs
Setting up internal and external points of contact for consultation
Carrying out a pulse survey
Provision of learning opportunities through training, workshops, etc.
Information sharing through internal tools
Communities/NPO We endeavor to contribute to the revitalization of the regional economy through our business activities. We also cooperate with the activities of the industry associations to which we belong. Collaboration with local communities, including local authorities, various associations, and financial institutions
Joining industry associations
Encouragement of employee volunteerism
Cooperation with investigative agencies