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We help you to avoid the risk posed by delinquent rent

Raccoon Rent provides service that pays rent on behalf of tenants when they pay the rent late and rent arrears happens. The service entails both residential use for individuals and business use for offices or stores. Our service creates a win-win situation. For tenants, we facilitate the whole process of rental service; as for landlords and real estate management companies, we make the rental process more secure.

With the influence of aging society and an increasing number of one-person household and foreign residents, people nowadays tend to choose rent guarantee service provided by guarantor company. The fact that a joint guarantor is likely to be susceptible to paying huge amount of money for property damage has been discouraging people from becoming one. In addition, tenants are required to submit document and go through lengthy process. Now, coupled with the revision of the Civil Code in 2020, people are less willing to ask for a joint guarantor. Because of this, the demand for rent guarantee service is on the increase as this service basically does not require a joint guarantor.

Our rent guarantee service for commercial property provides long term guarantee service last for 24 months. Besides the rent, it also covers the recovery of the property, disposal of the left behind and the cost for dispossession.

For residential property, we do not judge for the nationality or the occupation, but provide unique and multifaceted credit judgement in Kanto area. Also, the application of the guarantee service can be done online, it is possible to save your time and effort for concluding the agreement.

Based on our accumulated knowledge and experiences, using the latest IT technologies, we aim to provide convenient, one-stop rent guarantee services for residential and commercial properties.

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